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> High Caliber Prestige Edition (VG) > 18mg-30ml High Caliber Prestige Edition
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Prestige Edition Anthem 18mg
Anthem 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Anthem 18mg-30ml. Is a smooth-sweet symphony of rich kiwi flavor leading while closing with a creamy finish. This flavor is sure to satisfy even the biggest e-liquid connoisseur.
Prestige Edition Liberty
Liberty 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Liberty 18mg-30ml. Is
release of powerful fruit flavors with an inspiring, dominate grape
on the forefront, and kiwi-strawberry undertones on the end
Prestige Edition Allegiance 18mg
Allegiance 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Allegiance 18mg-30ml. A loyal commitment of strawberry and vanilla custard creating an orchestra of flavors that will leave you awestruck.
Prestige Edition Independence 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Independence 18mg-30ml. A brew of autonomous flavors like: vanilla, coconut, cream, with a blast of summer fruit. By themselves they are stunning, but together they establish a flavor which is not only smooth, but will leave your taste buds begging for more!
Prestige Edition Justice 18mg
Justice 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Justice 18mg-30ml. Justice has been served for all of you black licorice lovers. Even if black licorice is not your thing… you will not want to pass this up! This unique blend of absinthe, crème de menthe, candy, and licorice brings a modern complexity to the old fashioned flavor.
Prestige Edition Glory 18mg
Glory 18mg
Starting at: $23.00

Prestige Edition Glory 18mg-30ml. Glory is a breathtaking merge of complex flavors which is sure to curb any sweet tooth. With a union of wild berries, mildly tart candy, and other ingredients procreating a well-balanced flavor profile with a sincerely smooth finish..
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