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> Joye 510 Maintenance
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 PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JOYE 510 ATOMIZERS MUST BE REPLACED TO HAVE OPTIMUN PROFORMANCE AND HAVE AN AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF 6-8 WEEKS.  Some users report that Atomizers last longer.  Here are some tips on maintaining your Atomizer.


1. Clean the battery and atomizer by using purified alcohol to clean the contact points of the battery and atomizer with a clean paper tissue.

2. Clean the inside of the atomizer with a tissue to remove any remaining e-juice.

3. If your Joye 510 does not produce enough vapor or it becomes difficult to take a puff, you must clean the atomizer.  The first step is to clean the atomizer of any remaining e-juice.  To clean it, blow through the atomizer (contact point side).  Now dry it with a tissue.  If the performance does not improve, continue to the next step.

4.  Remove the filler material in a used cartridge, rinse the filler with warm water until the filler is clean, pat dry with a paper towel.  Now put the filler back into the mouthpiece.  Pour 3 drops of hot water on the cartridge filler material.  Take several hits without inhaling.  If the cartridge filler turns brown, repeat until it comes out clean.  Performance should be improved after the atomizer is clean.

5. After doing the above steps, and you feel that the performance is poor, there is little vapor, or the pulling is heavy, consider trying to burn off the buildup on the atomizer.  Doing this procedure may destroy your atomizer, so only do this to an atomizer that truly does not work.  With a fully charged battery connected to your poorly performing atomizer, press the manual switch activation button for 10 seconds.  During this operation you should hear some sizzling in the atomizer.  If all went well, your atomizer is now performing better.

Major Cleaning of Joye 510 Atomizers:

For Joye 510 Atomizers that seems to be dead. Try this cleaning method.

·        Remove the mouthpiece from the atomizer and disconnect the battery. 

·        Submerge your atomizer in purified alcohol. Agitate the atomizer for 5 minutes, drain the atomizer of the alcohol, and repeat 3 times.

·        Rinse the atomizer with hot water and let dry for 8 hours with battery contact facing up.

·        Clean contact points of battery and atomizer with a tissue.

·        After 8 hours, make sure your atomizer is completely dry.  If it is dry, connect a fully charged battery, a clean cartridge, and ensure your atomizer has e-juice in it. 


Major Cleaning of the Joye 510 Atomizer is a last resort. E-Cig Best Save LLC is not liable for any damage caused by the Cleaning of Joye 510 Atomizers.